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Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive solution to problems related to structural deviations in the spine and nervous system.


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We are a structural correction center based out of Neptune Beach, FL. We understand that you are busy with life, but we also know that you can’t fully enjoy life when you are not well. We take the burden off you and make it easy for you to get the care you need.


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Meet Dr. Soriano and Dr. Zifteh, where chiropractic care isn’t just about your spine—it’s about ensuring that your head is on straight. Their commitment to aligning both body and mind reflects a holistic approach to wellness, guiding patients toward optimal health.

Dr. William Soriano

Dr. Soriano graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Life University in 2010. Life University is recognized throughout the world as…

Dr. Vicki Zifteh

Dr. Zifteh graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus in Biotechnology and Health Sciences…

Alex Roes
Alex Roes
I am a violinist that had tendinitis in both of my hands coming from my neck misalignment. Dr. Zifteh got me back to normal within a few months, and now I am in even better shape than before. 10/10
Brian Roes
Brian Roes
Dr. Zifteh is an excellent chiropractor, who focuses on finding the least invasive way to get the maximum results for her patients. I have been receiving chiropractic care from her for about two months— the results have been remarkable. Not only has my neck and back pain decreased dramatically, but my posture has noticeably improved! Dr. Vicki Zifteh was recommended to me by a local medical doctor friend of mine as “the only chiropractor in Jacksonville I can wholeheartedly recommend.” I have had other chiropractors previously and I felt like they just started “cracking” without truly assessing what was happening in my body and systematically measuring progress and results. Dr. Zifteh is exactly the opposite. She is very conscientious about holistic assessments, x-rays (when necessary), symptom monitoring… and only makes physical adjustments when necessary. She is also highly trained in soft tissue work which makes the whole process very smooth and integrated. In addition to all of these things, she is punctual with her appointments, communicates professionally, and is very friendly and comfortable all the time. Highly recommend!
Benjamin Lamb
Benjamin Lamb
Best Chiropractor Ive ever been to, hands down. I went to multille different ones to ease specific pain for over 5 years with no lasting relief. Dr. Soriano identified the root cause & provides consistant relief. He also instructed me with a plan to help the body to heal.
Jessica Hudson, D.C.
Jessica Hudson, D.C.
Dr.s Soriano and Zifteh are top notch. Every time I get an an upper cervical adjustment, I feel so much clearer. I can think clearer, sleep better and function better overall. I can always count on Apex to put my head back on straight!
Deanne Roes
Deanne Roes
My son is a violin performance major at university. During his second semester he began to experience pain in both arms, along with tingling and electric shock- like sensations. He became unable to play. He went to a doctor and was instructed to wear braces, take massive amounts of ibuprofen and give it time- there was “No injury only inflammation.” Two months passed, and he was not able to touch his violin, he was unable to text, type, hold a writing implement, or do any kind of fine motor skill activity. He could not work out, sleep well, and was dependent on pain relievers to get through the day. The pain and weakness remained the same. My son lost a semester of progress. During this time, I spoke with my son’s former pediatrician and she said “Without even seeing him I know what the problem is- it’s his neck. And there is one person in the city of Jacksonville who I know can help him.” We visited Dr. Zifteh who did extensive scans and developed a treatment plan. She was both honest in her assessment and full of hope and encouragement. Her approach was non-invasive and gentle, focused only where he needed adjustment. Within two months my son was pain free, edging back into practicing, and had regained full mobility of his fingers, hands and arms. Four months later, he has returned to full strength and stamina. He is performing, playing 4-5 hours per day, teaching, and back on track to accomplish his dream of becoming a professional violinist. Dr. Zifteh’s skill and care created a miracle for my son and we still are marveling at the healing he experienced. Thank you!!
Adison Nikolai
Adison Nikolai
I started taking my 16 month old to Dr. Vicki for reflux. My daughter loves to go! I noticed an improvement in her reflux after several visits. Dr. Vicki takes the time to listen to you and is great with kids. Thank you!!
john gallagher
john gallagher
Pleasant and patient, Dr. Zifteh took the time to ensure that I understood what she was doing for me and why.
Megan Kinney
Megan Kinney
I would give 10 stars if I could. My son showed improvement IMMEDIATELY, after having issues latching for a little while he latched & was so relaxed & comfortable right after his adjustment with just 1 visit. Dr. Soriano is a Miracle worker!! He was very thorough & explained everything he was doing & why. He made us feel very comfortable too
Jennifer Vannoy
Jennifer Vannoy
Dr. Soriano is so knowledgeable! He does a thorough exam, explains what should be normal, and he has an amazing bedside manner. We can't wait to see the progress he makes with our daughter!
Konrad Klonowski
Konrad Klonowski
Dr. Vicki Zifteh's adjustments significantly reduced my chronic neck pain and headaches. Highly recommend and thank you for your help.

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